Why Should Your Dog Eat Raw?

Our ancestors didn't feed their dogs kibble, and neither should you. Our 100% beef raw dog food doesn't contain ANY grain, filler, or added chemicals. Feeding raw can enhance your dogs health, eliminate allergies, and lengthen their lifespan.

We Keep Things Simple.

  • Ingredients:

    Muscle Meat

    Unwashed Green Tripe





    Bone Paste (Ground Bovine Bone)

  • Directions:

    Keep frozen until ready for use.

    Thaw one package for daily use.

    Weigh out daily meals as needed.

    Wash working surfaces, utensils, and hands after handling raw meat.

    Go cook yourself a steak.

    Repeat daily.

  • Serving:

    Serve 2-3% of your dogs ideal weight daily. This can be broken up into two or more meals if necessary.

    We also recommend occasionally joining your dog for day long fast.

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