Shine with Health: Restore your Dog’s Coat with a Raw Meat Diet 

Shine with Health: Restore your Dog’s Coat with a Raw Meat Diet 

Does your canine, furry companion suffer from dry or flaky skin? Is it suffering from hair loss or showing signs of redness and inflammation? Nothing is worse for a dog owner than seeing their loyal pet suffering with coat issues. Fortunately, a change in diet can solve all these problems without the need for medication or any alternative treatments.

In recent times, there has been a growing interest among dog owners in raw food diets for one reason: they work! A raw meat diet usually consists of uncooked organ meats (liver, kidneys, etc.), muscle meats, and/or bones (whole or ground). Raw diets do not usually contain grains. Raw meat diets for dogs have a large array of different health benefits, some of which are immediate while others might take time to manifest. These include cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools, better immune system, and more. However, a healthy coat remains one of the top benefits cited by raw feeders and it is usually the first physical change you will notice. Whether your dog has allergies, dry skin and coat, or just needs a nutritional boost, a transition to a raw meat diet can help improve your dog’s skin and coat in a safe and natural way. There are several reasons for this:


1- Good quality protein: According to some studies, 30% of the protein consumed by dogs goes into maintaining their skin and coat each day. When you deprive your dog of the necessary amount of protein it needs to function normally, you starve less essential processes of the protein they need to maintain a healthy coat. Unfortunately, the commercial kibble typically fed to dogs lacks enough useable protein. With a raw meat diet, however, the dog will be nourished with the amount of protein it needs to maintain its coat health.


2- Absence of toxins: A raw food diet will reduce your dog’s odor and the greasy coat that can develop from eating kibble. The toxins found in kibble escape the body through the dog’s skin and cause these issues. A diet lacking in these toxins will result in a clean and shiny skin.


3- Zinc: Zinc is an essential mineral that the dog needs to maintain a healthy skin and coat. Dry pet food usually lacks enough absorbable zinc which can leave the dog with zinc deficiency. A raw diet serves as a natural source of this critical mineral.


4- Omega fatty acids: Omega fatty acids are extremely important to the dog’s skin and coat health. They are needed to ensure a soft and thick fur, as well as prevent dry skin. Omega fatty acids also relieve itchiness and act as an anti-inflammatory, therefore, they are extremely crucial for dogs with allergies. However, a dog’s body cannot produce these essential fats and thus they must rely on outer sources. A raw meat diet effectively provides these nutrients.


5- Grain-free: Dogs are carnivores by nature. They are not meant to consume grains and when we force them to do that by feeding them kibble, it creates problems in their digestion and overall health which can lead to skin issues. Therefore, a grain-free raw diet is the food dogs are meant to eat.


6- Immunity: A raw meat diet boasts the dog’s immune system and helps it fight off allergens that lead to poor skin or coat health. Besides, a raw diet itself contains no allergens to begin with, so it is a win-win situation.


It is time to leave the grain-based commercial food which are insufficient and harmful; and shift to a diet that conforms with the eating habits of their evolutionary ancestors. Because we know how much you love and care about your dog’s health and appearance (or you wouldn’t be reading this blog post), we genuinely recommend transitioning your dog to a raw meat diet. Within weeks, you will notice how their coat becomes soft to the touch and shine with health.


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- Guest Post by Mohammed Yassin

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