The Raw Facts About Dog Food

The Raw Facts About Dog Food

The raw facts about dogs

Dogs have been domesticated for nearly 30,000 years. Throughout the years we have grown to love our furry companions and have done all we can to help extend their lives so that they’re able to stay by ours for as long as possible. Before dogs were domesticated, they used to run wild with their packs and hunt for their food. While they were out in the wild, they would hunt small animals or group together to hunt bigger prey, but more or less they always had a raw meat diet.


What’s up with raw food?

We are all well aware of the many brands of dog foods that are processed and shaped into dry pellets that our dogs have grown to accept as part of their diets. Many of these brands will often indicate the “real meat” pieces in their kibble to entice the buyer that their brand is more superior than other brands due to the additional nutritional support they supposedly provide. A raw diet is growing in popularity amongst dog owners as it has many benefits to it. While there are many people who advocate the raw diet, there are some who don’t want to feed their dogs raw food due to the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients for a well-rounded and healthy diet.


What is raw food?

A raw food diet consists of meaty raw bones, organs, and sometimes produce. This raw food diet is to help mimic what dogs would eat pre-domestication. There are two options dog owners have here. Create their own homemade raw food, or utilize a pre-made raw food.


Homemade raw food

When most people think about the raw food diet for their dogs, they more often than not think of this diet. While most people think it’s easy to cut up raw meat for your dogs and feed them just as it is, they’re wrong. In order to meet a dog’s full nutrient needs you must source both muscle meat and organs. There are also certain raw meats that your dog cannot have or are not considered healthy for them. It is best to speak with your veterinarian to see which meat is safe for your dog to have.


Pre-made frozen raw food

Pre-made raw is a great option as you do not have to worry about doing all the prepping, ensuring a proper balance of nutrients, and sourcing safe meat for your dog to have. This is a convenient, and fast option that can even be cost effective. Although the real benefit is the peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting a well-rounded diet.


Benefits of eating raw

There are many benefits for starting your dog on a raw diet. Here are some of the benefits from having a raw diet:


  1. You know exactly what your dog is eating.
  2. Having a beautiful and shiny coat.
  3. Healthier skin.
  4. Improved dental health.
  5. Increased energy.
  6. Reduced stool and odor.


Now that you read the raw facts about a raw diet, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of raw dog food!


Guest Post By Michelle Tran 

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