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30 lb. Bundle of Raw Origins - 100% Beef - Ships Free!

30 lb. Bundle of Raw Origins - 100% Beef - Ships Free!

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Our best selling size, the 30 lb. resupply bundle is great for dogs of all sizes. Made with 100% beef without any fillers, grains, or chemicals. This is a TRUE raw and complete diet. Comes packaged as six 5 lb. tubes.


  • Muscle Meat
  • Unwashed Green Tripe
  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Bone Paste (Ground Bovine Bone)


Serve 2-3% of your dogs ideal weight daily. This can be broken up into two or more meals if necessary.


Safe Handling Instructions:
Keep frozen (or refrigerated) until ready to use.
Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards),
utensils, and hands after touching the raw meat.


Shipping Details

Due to the perishable nature of this product all orders are shipped to avoid weekend delivery delays. Depending on your location this may mean an order placed on a Wednesday won't ship until the following Monday. Holidays can further complicate this. If you have questions about the status of your order please reach out.



From time to time some bags develop small holes that can cause leaks. This is not covered by any type of warranty. 


Shipping & Returns

Due to the nature of the product and shipping expenses, all sales are final. If for any reason you receive your product in unsatisfactory condition, please email us at with your order info. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every order!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nick W.

We were having terrible skin issues and multiple vets said there was nothing they can do and we would just have to deal with it as American Bullies can have bad skin allergies.

We used multiple creams, pills, meds and nothing worked. Anything you could read about, we tried it.

I always wanted to do a raw diet but doing it myself was intimidating.

Once we found a pre made/balanced raw we switched immediately.

After the first week, his coat was shiny and softer. A couple more weeks, we noticed a healthy weight loss, next the sores on paws, groin and neck vanished away.

Now feeding time is better than any treat or toy we ever gave Mako. He sits eagerly next to his bowl until we give him the command to EAT! He loves it and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s having health issues or just wants their dog to have the best!

Karen D.

Horton gobbles his food right up! Has been on a raw food diet from day one 🙂

Dana L

Theo, our 16 month old golden doodle is the highlight of our day and leads an actiive life. Up for a two-three mile walk at 6, then back for breakfast and a morning nap sitting next to our mother-in-law who has stage-4 cancer. Then up to greet all of the people who stop by during the day from Hospice. He welcomes everyone and settles in next to them as they visit. He has been a soft cuddly therapy dog for all. He will actually be officially trained by the end if February. The rest of the day is in and out the doggie door playing with neighbor dogs along the fence. Then ends the day with a good brushing.

We started Theo's raw diet when he was 8 months. His coat is soft, breath is good, and never has had gas that I can tell. Prior to the raw diet, he ate an expensive kibble that left him extremely thirsty, still hungry and stools were loose and stinky. Since the raw diet the most noticeable characteristics are that his stools are small and compact, he does not smell like dog and his coat is silky black.

Rustam K.

The Raw Origins line is the best. 100% natural, high quality ingredients. Our dog loves it.

Tristan L.
For Skin & Coat Health

My fur Babies love the raw food. Since switching my German shepherd’s skin and coat health has improved tremendously.